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Teaching & Learning in the Early Years P-2

Our approach to teaching and learning in the early years is based on the work of renowned early childhood educator, Kathy Walker.  It provides children with rich opportunities to learn through a mix of active investigation alongside explicit, formal instruction.

We are committed to developing children who are not only strong in their literacy and numeracy, but who can also think for themselves, problem-solve, create and imagine, and who can navigate challenges with intrinsic motivation and strength of character.

With a focus on building skills for life as well as skills for learning, our indoor and outdoor environments engage children in:

• exciting, personalised and authentic learning experiences
• opportunities to make decisions
• initiate ideas
• persist
• discover
• take risks

Children explore and research in a range of ways that link their own interests to the Australian Curriculum. 

As the first Walker Learning Study School in Brisbane, we are proud to share our excellent practice with colleagues from schools, both local and interstate.  Our staff engage in robust, relevant and ongoing professional learning to further enhance the skills, knowledge and dispositions necessary to teach to the highest professional standards. 

Key Principles
The key principles that guide our practice are:
• All teaching is intentional.
• Not all children are ready to learn the same thing at the same time in the same way.
• Children’s interest, culture and context are respected and used as a springboard to       facilitate further understandings and skill development in all areas of the Australian Curriculum.
• Child development is used as a basis for guiding practices as well as the principles of culture, community and family.
• The process of learning and skill acquisition is valued - not just the end product.
• Intrinsic (not extrinsic) motivation is valued and embedded in practice.
• The adult/child relationship is highly valued and the relationship itself is a scaffold in the learning alongside the child.

 Walker Learning


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Learning with joy, creativity and wonderment.