Our members


Members of our school council 

 •   Shelley Fanning: Acting Chair and Staff Representative
 •   Stewart Jones: Principal
 •   Matt Butcher: P&C President and Parent Representative
 •   Gina Barrett: Staff Representative
 •   Carene Hogg: Parent Representative
 •   Roseanne Dunn: Staff Representative & Teaching Staff Member


Shelley Fanning
Acting Chair and Staff representative
Why I nominated for the council
I am interested in teaching and learning, the strategic direction of CHSS and representing the perspective and voice of our wonderful teaching staff.
Why school councils are important
Autonomy. Who better than CHSS staff and parents to know what we need and want, and how WE want to achieve it?
My connection to CHSS
I have been in the role of Head of Curriculum since 2015
My background
Previously a resident of Chapel Hill, I have taught at CHSS since 2009 (Years, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and am currently the Head of Curriculum with a special focus on Years 3-6.
A little more about me
I enjoy eating out, reading, renovating, travel, family (not necessarily in that order).
Stewart Jones
Why I nominated to be on the council
As principal, I am automatically appointed to the council.
Why school councils are important
School councils allow representatives from across the school community to unite in the pursuit of positive student outcomes.  I believe that Chapel Hill State School is a great school and its many unique features make it a very special site. The new school council is yet another example of how we are all working together to generate great outcomes for our students.
My connection to CHSS
I have been principal of the school for eight years.
My background
I have worked in the education sector for many years as a teacher and as a principal.
A little more about me
I feel very fortunate to have four children who take up much of time outside of work. I also take great delight in working on my old car and supporting local, state and national rugby.

Matt Butcher
P&C President and parent representative
Why I nominated to be on the council
I wanted to see a seamless link between the school and the learning outcomes for the students. Also, as President of the P&C it will enable me to stay involved in all areas of communication.
Why school councils are important
To ensure that learning plans, are aligned to spending within the school.
My connection to CHSS
I have two children at Chapel Hill State School, Charlotte in Year 4 and Thomas in Year 2.
My background
I have my own business as a Business Broker (The Brokerage), which specialises in Commercial and  Business Sales. Our family only moved to Chapel Hill late 2017 after travelling around Australia. Last year was my first year on any P & C Committee, where I was a member of the Building and Grounds team.
A little more about me
I have now put my hand up to be President of the P&C, which is a completely new role to me. I would love to see the P&C become a fun environment, that while making important decisions in and around the school, can also be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Gina Barrett
Staff representative
Why I nominated for the council
I wanted to be part of something new, from its beginning and to see what it can achieve.  Also, I recognise the benefits school councils can bring, and I am proud to be part of our journey to become an IPS school.
Why school councils are important
School councils are really important as they enable another platform for parents, students, staff and the local community to make a difference in how we, together, can bring the best student learning outcome for our students.
My connection to CHSS
I am an ex-CHSS parent and now a member of staff.
My background
I come from a military background. I was in the Air Force for seven years and have worked in public relations and administration.
A little more about me
I enjoy reading, movies, and spending time with my amazing family.

Carene Hogg
Parent Representative
Why I nominated to be on the council
I want to help improve communication between the school and the parent body and ensure that any parent concerns are fed back to the school leadership team on a timely basis. As I am fairly new to the school system (my son is 6 and in Year 1 in 2019), I am very interested in understanding how the school operates.
Why school councils are important
As with any business, I believe governance is important in order to ensure high standards and with my background in finance, I am able to contribute to the council with both a commercial and parent perspective.
My connection to CHSS
I have one child at CHSS (Elliott, year 1) and another child will be starting in Prep in 2020 (Gabrielle, 4 years old). My husband and I moved to Chapel Hill in 2014 and plan to stay here a while! We are within walking distance of the school and live in a great street with other CHSS families.
My background
I was born on the Gold Coast and went to school there, but then moved to Brisbane for university over 20 years ago! I graduated from UQ with a Commerce/Management degree and have worked in finance in a variety of industries, including private practice, mining, banking, Qld Rugby, not for profit and now I am working part time as a Financial Controller in retail. I did a stint in London for 5 years in my 20’s but moved back to Brisbane for the sunshine!
A little more about me
Becoming a mother was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I am really enjoying it now that the kids are older! I love working too and whilst time poor, I enjoy learning new things to keep my brain active.  I love having a chat with both old and new friends over a glass of wine and I can’t wait to start travelling again when the kids get a little bit older. In my spare time, I love doing Xtend Barre, going to the beach and photography.When I joined CHSS in 2018, I was a class parent representative for my Prep class and this year, I am helping the P&C in a variety of supporting roles. I get a lot of personal satisfaction from helping people and I am enjoying meeting new people throughout the school.



Rosanne Dunn
Staff Representative
Why I nominated for the council
As the Year 2 and 3 Learning Enhancement Teacher at CHSS, I work closely with students, teachers and parents to ensure the best outcomes for student learning. I strive to maintain and promote positive partnerships in the school and community and being on the School Council gives me the opportunity to be a voice as well as invest in and serve the school and local community.
Why school councils are important
Collaboration of representative groups in the school ensures inclusion of all, as we unite to continue to build a school of great quality that is a safe and supportive environment, which has high expectations to meet the learning outcomes of all students.
My connection to CHSS
I come to serve on the School Council as both a staff member and parent. I have two daughters enrolled in the school in Prep and Year 1 and have another daughter starting Prep at CHSS in 2020. As the Dunn family, is in the beginning of ‘school life’ at CHSS, I am interested in the school’s direction and am devoted to being an active member for the longevity.
My background
In the first decade of my teaching career, I taught with great enthusiasm in the Early Years as a Year 1 and 2 Classroom Teacher. In the past 4 years, I have worked as an Intervention and Student Support Teacher where I have found great passion in promoting inclusivity and high expectations in the improvement of student learning outcomes.
A little more about me
As a creative person, I love design and art/craft projects. My latest project is a house renovation that has definitely been a learning curve and a test of patience. Being from a large close-knit extended family, my past time is full of large family ‘cook ups’, picnics and ‘get togethers.’ 
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Last updated 24 February 2021