Principal’s welcome


I am the proud Principal of Chapel Hill State School and I welcome you to our school website. I hope the information within will allow you to understand and appreciate why we are such a truly unique and outstanding school.

Our School strategic purpose is: To develop successful learners who are confident and creative individuals who can interact with respect as informed global citizens .

Our long-term school values are: to Respect Self, Others and the Environment. We are seen as a school of choice and the reason for our success can be distilled into three key areas. This powerful triumvirate is made up of:

  1. Committed parents that want the best for their children and are actively support their children’s development and do so by supporting the school’s philosophy and direction. 

  2. Committed staff that want the best for all students. From our hard working Administration team to our exceptional teacher aides and teaching staff; their commitment goes well beyond the school bell and well beyond the school gates.

  3. Committed students that want to their best and are keen to engage in a broad whole-of-student educational experience.

There is no surprise that our school has earned a well-deserved reputation as a school of choice and this has resulted in a significant spike in enrolments. The sharp growth in numbers has been stemmed by the implementation of a tight enrolment management policy. It is important that parents understand this policy and know the difference between out-of-catchment and in-catchment enrolments. Given the school community expectations and the capacity to deliver quality programs, we believe that we are at our optimum number for the school as it allows us to be big enough to challenge but small enough to care.

I believe that successful learners are busy learners and therefore actively promote and support our in-class and beyond-class programs that are both engaging and rewarding. We offer students a wide range of activities and options that add to the development of the whole-child. Debating, Chess, Drama, Choirs, Sport and athletics, Gymnastics and Instrumental Music are some of the options that broaden our students’ school experiences. Our Ignite Program is another option that is unique to our school. It offers enrichment and extension options particularly in the areas of science, mathematics and technology. The passion of both the students and teachers are evident in the quality of the work being produced.

Our School community is enhanced by our unique physical site. We have over seven Hectares with a large amount of open-woodland that allows our students to see animals such as parrots, possums, kookaburras and occasionally koalas. Students have a chance to experience a more ‘rural’ environment while still only being just out of the inner city circle. We see our environment as a precious gift and there is strong support for 'Respect for Environment' as a key component of our school values.

I encourage prospective families to take the time to review our entire website, including our school strategic overview (PDF, 2MB), and I also encourage you to contact the school so that you can gain a first-hand experience of our wonderful school.

Stewart Jones


Last reviewed 25 March 2021
Last updated 25 March 2021